Horseshoe Cock Ring: An Era Ahead of Other Penis Gear

Discover the #1 in Steel-Hard Erections and Other Benefits

Cock rings of various shapes and sizes – among them the hardwear cock ring – are often touted as the future of a supersized package and erections. But did you know that this penis jewelry (or “bling,” if you want to keep it fancy) is already making waves right now in the male enhancement scene? A cock ring is not readily an option for those who are (1) In their twenties and at the peak of their sexual prowess; (2) Kicking it like a porn star every time; and (3) Feeling satisfied about the hardness and power that they bring to bed and their partner.

But how about those who:

  • Are languishing from erectile dysfunction (ED) and its nasty signs?
  • Are past their sexual prime and would want to relive the days of greatness?
  • Are young and sexually active yet want to bring the lovemaking to new and unforeseen highs?

Cock rings – also known as cock-and-ball toys and penis jewelry – are no longer just another penis gear. From merely serving as “bling” to your power drill, they have evolved to suit your need for a bigger and better-performing manhood. A horseshoe cock ring is particularly light years ahead of its ordinary counterparts, since it offers the perfect fit and intensity that you have ever imagined.

A horseshoe cock ring comes with a spacer pre-installed for ideal comfort. Made of solid metal for your solid advantage, this cock ring can:

  • Enhance and “sexify” the bulge under your clothes
  • Improve your erections, making them wilder and harder
  • Help control premature ejaculation, saving you from reaching your sexual edge when it’s not yet the right time
  • Improve your overall sexual drive and stamina, with what rock-hard package it can deliver!

Getting the right size is the key to maximizing the benefits of this penis gear. Here’s what to do. Measure your erection, and measure around it and your scrotum (the area behind your ball). Pull the tape measure tight to get rid of space in the loose scrotum skin. From this measurement that you’ve come up with, you can choose from an array of hardwear sizes to get the sexual adventure started. Measure your personal anatomy precisely and you get the horseshoe cock ring that will best serve your needs.

Why Cock-Ring It, Not Pop a Boner Pill or Pump Your Package?

Spam mail and deceptive ads over the Internet have always stressed the “wonders” of male enhancement drugs, which cover both prescription boner pills and herbal supplements that you can get over the counter. But the contention on their overall effectiveness and safety have been increasing in scientific literature, and more and more users of boner pills are coming out with unforeseen effects ranging from minor stuffy nose and cold symptoms to fainting and other medical emergencies.

Penis-enlarging pumps with manual or motorized pumps are another red flag – they have been shown to cause temporary to permanent damage to penile tissues, and too-much suction seem like a recipe for disaster…

This site promotes responsible cock ring use as a way to address erectile dysfunction, an alternative to the aforementioned male enhancers. As it is, using cock rings still entail precautions, among which is preventing over-constriction of the penis and making sure that you wear them only during the course of the steamy XXX action.

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